A client contacted Mr. Blumberg with a desperate need to get off DUI probation in San Diego Court immediately…like yesterday. The client was concerned because they were sentenced to five years of informal probation and had only served slightly more than half.  Mr. Blumberg immediately researched and drafted a motion to terminate probation, got the very next available court date and served the City Attorney with the motion.  The Judge copiously reviewed the written motion personally drafted by Mr. Blumberg and granted the motion to have probation terminated immediately.  Mr. Blumberg was able to help the client get off probation within a few days of placing the phone call for help.

Under California law, upon a showing of good cause why probation should be terminated, one may not need to serve the entire length of probation they were sentenced to.  Now that probation has been terminated, Mr. Blumberg’s client will be eligible to have the matter expunged from public record and ultimately be able to answer they have not been convicted of a criminal offense.  With a reputation and career at stake, the client can now rest knowing one bad decision will not continue to haunt and detriment so many years later.

Contact Mr. Isaac Blumberg if you are currently on probation and need to have probation terminated and expunged. We offer reasonable rates and exceptional service.