“My life was uprooted when I defended myself in a fight and was arrested and charged with assault and battery causing great bodily injured. I met with many lawyers and did a lot of research in the community before hiring Mr. Blumberg. He ruthlessly defended me at every step of the process. My first offer from the DA was a non reducible felony and jail time. Ultimately, with Mr. Blumberg’s dedicated representation, the DA dismissed all the charges against me. I did not lose my professional license or my career. I emphatically recommend Isaac Blumberg as San Diego’s best criminal attorney.” -C.M.

“Mr. Blumberg is passionate and honest. Several years ago we were terrified when my son got into legal trouble. A friend suggested Mr. Blumberg and we were very impressed with his handling and outcome of the case. My son was able to avoid a felony conviction thanks to Isaac’s efforts.” -A.S.

“I would also like to again thank Isaac for his diligence and the miraculous results achieved in my defense, making it possible for me to be in the position that I am in now. He was truly a blessing in a time in my life where I may have not deserved any. I am extremely hopeful about the futre and believe that in the end everything will be better than it ever was.” -Daniel Matthews

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