A bench warrant is a formal court order normally issued when an individual fails to appear for a scheduled court date or is otherwise in “contempt of court.” This means that person has willfully failed to follow a court order and thus interrupted the process of justice. When a bench warrant is issued, it goes into a nationwide computer database, and you are at risk of immediate arrest and being brought to court to face the warrant’s charges. A bench warrant could also lead to suspension of your driver’s license.

A bench warrant may also be issued for:

  • Failure to pay a court-ordered fine.
  • Failure to pay child or spousal support.
  • Failure to complete court-ordered counseling or treatment.

If the bench warrant is for a misdemeanor charge, we may be able to keep you from being taken into custody by appearing before the judge for you. If the judge recalls the warrant, you will save thousands of dollars in bail bonds fees. We would then continue to represent you on your behalf until the matter is concluded satisfactorily. If the bench warrant is for a felony charge, the court may require you to be present in court before the warrant is recalled.

We associate with several local bail bond companies to coordinate and assist with having the warrant recalled. If a court date is not immediately available, a bail bond can be posted so the warrant can be recalled within hours.