California Penal Code 1000 (PC1000) allows criminal offenders who have committed drug- and alcohol-related crimes to get a second chance. According to PC 1000, people who have been charged with certain types of drug and/or alcohol offenses will be allowed to avoid jail time if they meet certain terms. In order to be eligible for PC 1000, the offender must:

  • Not have a conviction for any prior drug-related offenses.
  • Not have committed a crime that involved violence.
  • Not have revoked probation or parole on his/her criminal record.
  • Not have a prior felony conviction within the past five years.

In order to fulfill the terms of PC1000, offenders must enter a “guilty” plea; in return, the court will not enter a judgment of conviction. The person must then complete a 12-week drug and alcohol course, refrain from being arrested for 18 months and then pay a fee to the court. After we help you in meeting these terms, the court will enter a judgment of dismissal, which will allow the person to move forward with their life.

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