Many people don’t realize the details of their arrest in this state remain on their criminal background, even if the criminal case is later dismissed or was not ever filed. Under California law, however, you can ask that your arrest records be sealed to prevent future employers from discovering your criminal history. Otherwise, these records – your fingerprints, booking photo and arrest report – will remain public with the potential to provide future embarrassment. Sealing these records is not an option if a conviction resulted from the arrest.

We can have your arrest record sealed and eventually destroyed if you were arrested and either:

  • No complaint was filed.
  • The complaint filed was later dismissed.
  • You were acquitted following a trial.
  • You were found to be factually innocent.

We will file the necessary requests, motions and take the matter to hearing, where the burden will be on us to demonstrate – on your behalf – your factual innocence. Once the records are sealed and destroyed, it is as if the arrest never occurred.