Client was on probation for PC245(b), Felony Assault with a Firearm, as a result of an incident which occurred in 2007. Per his guilty plea he was facing an automatic 16 years in prison for any violation of probation.  Mr. Blumberg immediately filed a motion for early termination of probation.  The San Diego District Attorney filed an opposition motion and the matter was set for a hearing.  Ultimately, within weeks of being hired, Mr. Blumberg’s motion was granted and the probation period was terminated.  This dismissal of the felony criminal conviction allowed Client to apply for an immediate expungement.  In just a matter of days this Client was able to regain and secure his freedom. Additionally, the expungement will allow Client to have the matter dismissed and sealed from his record.

If you have a prior criminal record you should contact Mr. Blumberg immediately.  If you are currently on or have completed probation we can assist you with having the matter dismissed from your record.  Call us at 619-525-9911 to get started.